Prep Checklist

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  • Clear driveway and curb of all vehicles and trash bins.

  • Vacuum the carpets.

  • Make the beds.

  • Open the curtains.

  • Clear the kitchen and bathroom countertops.

  • De-clutter each room.

  • Ensure rooms are free of extraneous objects such as boxes, cleaning supplies, loose cords, trash, etc.

  • Replace any burned-out lights.

  • Remove excess furniture from all rooms.

  • Groom the lawn and gardens.

  • De-clutter outside areas. Remove lawnmowers, garden tools, toys, etc.

  • Straightened porch, deck, and screened porch furniture.

  • Clean the bathroom mirrors and shower doors. Remove towels, washcloths, floor mats, etc.

  • Remove all visible waste bins.

  • Clean the surfaces of all appliances.

  • Present pool areas in the best light, if applicable.

  • Provide a day of point of contact information.

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