Q: How much do video services cost?

A: Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to that question. It varies greatly based on the client, the end goal, and the production value. The more crew members that are on set, the more polished the video will look, but the higher the cost, depending on the project and the equipment involved. Longer run times, 4k video, and multi-location shoots will cost more. If you’re on a very tight budget, full-service video production may not be for you.

Q: What is the first step to starting?

A: We begin with a consultation. During this consultation, we ask a series of questions to determine a client’s expectations and goals. We can then advise them on how we could move forward with their project based on their budget.

Q: How long will it take to get my finished project?

A: Every project is different. Delivery time is dependent on the scope and scale of the project. If specific shoots are being done outdoors, delays may occur due to weather. If certain on-camera talent is needed, scheduling them is a factor. All of these factors are discussed with our clients along with their deadline requirements to ensure we can deliver the project on time.

Q: Will you help stage the property?

A: All properties will be shot "As Is". We will make a reasonable effort to remove litter, stray objects, etc. from the rooms; however please note that this does not include things like making beds or arranging furniture. Agents are expected to have the property staging and cleaning completed prior to the photo/video shoot. Your input is important when choosing the best rooms and angles to photograph/videograph. Absent your input, we will use our best judgment and experience to decide how best to photograph/videograph the property.

Q: What is a typical shot list?

A: Every home is different. We try to play to each home's strengths and provide enough photos to entice a buyer's curiosity. We have seen that too many photos may provide too much information and may even preclude a showing! On average, however, a shoot will consist of 20-30 photos and document enough of the property to draw interest without giving it all away. ​

2-4 Photos for Exteriors

2-3 Photos for Kitchen

3-4 Photos for Main Living Area

2 Photos for Master Bedroom

1-2 Photos Per Bedroom

1 Photo per Bathroom

1-2 Photos for Master Bath

1 Laundry Room

1-2 Porches

1 Office Space ​

Closets and garages will not be photographed unless specifically requested.

Q: If I have footage from a previous project, can I incorporate it into this project?

A: We can always view what footage is already available, as this can save the client money. However, older footage may not match the look and feel of the current project or it may not be of the same quality. These are things the client will have to consider before deciding if older footage should be used.

3 Month Video Warranty

Your business may change down the road and will require you to edit your video. Why pay for a whole new video? For a small fee, we’ll make the changes and provide you with an updated video.

Best Value

There are plenty of more expensive options and plenty of cheaper ones. The expensive options aren't in your budget, and the cheaper options can't provide the same high-quality animation, responsive communication, fast turnaround time, and all the other benefits that we can. That’s why we believe we offer the absolute lowest prices, without having to sacrifice all the benefits you’ll want to have.


Non-Refundable non-creditable payments. Each payment that is required under this Agreement is non-refundable and non-creditable. Deposits are non-refundable retainers designed to hold the date of your project.